martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Mexico City

Last Week I went to Mexico City, I walked around downtown I wasn't as scary as it used to be, i think the goverment and the people have been working really hard to improve it the last years. Fist of all they have public rental bikes for all people and they have a special kind of road for them and most of the car drives they DO respect them, like I said most of them there are a few neanderthals that dont get the idea of respecting others. They also are in the middle of a pedestrians education campaign where they pay people who stands in the corner of every busy crosswalk in the downton with a big microphone telling people what to do I know it sounds kind of insulting but I truly think that this is what people need !!!!, most of what those guys said was kind of very obvious to me but some of the people near me never heard of that stuff before they where like amazed of what he was saying !!!! but its not that they are not intelligent the thing is that most of them are being educated by TV soap operas and cheap not quality Television and meaningful radio music with a BIG lack of content but i did not aplaude this al thought i like it, this kind of ideas and education spreading should not be just in the capital it has to be in very corner in every bus station , inside of ever bus and even inside every home in order to change the ideas of every mexican and became what we can be.

Matar al dinero con IDEAS

Creo que la pobreza verdadera no esta en el salario, si en las mentes de la gente que cree que el dinero es la cura para todos los problemas del mundo, o bien para los problemas propios, creo que como Mexicanos nuestra riqueza tal vez no este dentro de nuestro bolsillo si no en nuestra creatividad para hacer las cosas para mejorarlas y aunque muchos no lo veamos las mentes de nosotros Mexicanos son mas ricas en IDEAS, que las tierras de nuestro pais lo son en RECURSO.Por que apesar de que sea poco loque gane una persona muchos de ellos hacen lo improbable , lo inimaginable para sacar a su familia de 5 o 6 adelante con IDEAS no con DINERO.