sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2012


One of my favorite shapes is the pentagonal Star :)
I never wonder why I like it before but lately I been thinking about it and the more i learn about them the mor I like them. . . .

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

Another rainy day

So shy :::

martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Afraid . . . . don't be you got something to learn . . .

Today i went to drink a Tea with a friend of mine , we have been friends since 1999 its along time. Even thought we do not see each other that often we enjoy to spend time talking and sharing points of view. This particular conversation was about the fact that sometimes, most of the times the worst mistakes are committed while you are afraid of scare, and the thing is that the more scare or afraid you are the most you could learn about it. So maybe the fact that you are making a mistake and have that lack of security makes you learn more. It sounds really weird even sounds like an irony but i think that'
s the way it is as far as i know . . .

jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Small things that chance my day

A smile , a txt msg , a cloud. . . .

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


domingo, 19 de agosto de 2012


This morning it was raining not too heavy but i was nice. The thing is that I was watching a bird trying to help what from far seem like another bird trap in a car, but it wasn't it was his own reflection but he try really hard for more than an hour. So that get me thinking about our selves lost in a hectic world do we lose the sensation of being our selves and get in to the tap of trying to save others but at the end the only person that we try to save is ourselves ?????

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

A little thing about regrets . . .

Regret is a funny thing, you try you best in life to avoid it ,but sometimes is the hardest things in life that teach us the most, what makes you wonder if given a change how many of us would do the things differently, for some regret is the very thing that makes us push past our fears and makes us move on to the future, for others is the thing that allows us to re-explore our past, and at its best regrets can be the very catalyst for a new beging where anything and everything still posible.

Patience . . .

They say that patience is a virtue, and like most virtues we dont know if we possess it until we been tested , if we are lucky we have someone to take that test with us , and we can past that test , if we wait long enough we just might find a reward greater that we ever expected, the funny thing about waiting is that the more it that the more we seem to want something the longer we have to wait for it.

viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

How do you see things clearly on your darkest day . . . .

Sometimes you have to run away to see clearly.


Its not about what you have done in the past , its what about you are doing today , tomorrow and the day after.


I really don't know how to named this article but this might work, So this morning I saw a lost poppy in the corner of the bus stop, and he or she was really afraid of everything so that it was barking at everything. Somehow I just Identify with it because these days I have been so agressive and afraid I think because sometimes in my life I tend to be afraid I really dont know how behave. I feel so disoriented , sometimes you lose yourself in a different ground that you forget where you need to be , and what you need to be doing so you attack other people and its not their fault it justa simple human reaction. I love this place i love what i have been doing but sometimes specially in my case most of the times knowing what you want is negative because if you know what you want, you do not want anything less.

martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Mexico City

Last Week I went to Mexico City, I walked around downtown I wasn't as scary as it used to be, i think the goverment and the people have been working really hard to improve it the last years. Fist of all they have public rental bikes for all people and they have a special kind of road for them and most of the car drives they DO respect them, like I said most of them there are a few neanderthals that dont get the idea of respecting others. They also are in the middle of a pedestrians education campaign where they pay people who stands in the corner of every busy crosswalk in the downton with a big microphone telling people what to do I know it sounds kind of insulting but I truly think that this is what people need !!!!, most of what those guys said was kind of very obvious to me but some of the people near me never heard of that stuff before they where like amazed of what he was saying !!!! but its not that they are not intelligent the thing is that most of them are being educated by TV soap operas and cheap not quality Television and meaningful radio music with a BIG lack of content but i did not aplaude this al thought i like it, this kind of ideas and education spreading should not be just in the capital it has to be in very corner in every bus station , inside of ever bus and even inside every home in order to change the ideas of every mexican and became what we can be.

Matar al dinero con IDEAS

Creo que la pobreza verdadera no esta en el salario, si en las mentes de la gente que cree que el dinero es la cura para todos los problemas del mundo, o bien para los problemas propios, creo que como Mexicanos nuestra riqueza tal vez no este dentro de nuestro bolsillo si no en nuestra creatividad para hacer las cosas para mejorarlas y aunque muchos no lo veamos las mentes de nosotros Mexicanos son mas ricas en IDEAS, que las tierras de nuestro pais lo son en RECURSO.Por que apesar de que sea poco loque gane una persona muchos de ellos hacen lo improbable , lo inimaginable para sacar a su familia de 5 o 6 adelante con IDEAS no con DINERO.

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

One of the things that I don get

While I go on the high way I was thinking why some people.wait for life to begin . . . And while they wait life just pass. Infront of them with out notecing isn't that sad :( ?

sábado, 14 de julio de 2012


Simon King once said , " If you follow your dreams they can ta you to dark places" I believe that this is so true, because sometimes in the path of a dream you have to pass this dark areas where you can not see not even glimpse of light at the end of the road but I do think that just a test to see how much you can handle. Because if the best is yet to come you better be prepared don´t you think ?

viernes, 6 de julio de 2012


Being able to have a "Democracy" is a big advantage for a society in this era, but if the democracy fails to give you solutions to you problems. And what if this democracy creates more instability in a country instead of safeness. In My country the un wieldy process of the elections turns out to me tedious and exhausting needles to say expensive because our taxes end up paying for those "gifts" to the people and the not too humble trips that our candidates make around the nation. This year it was ans still is elections year and every day since they told us who where the 4 candidates there no a single day without hearing that none of them are worth the presidencial chair.

Diversity 1

Living in a highly Machista country here particularly called ( macho ), while you grow here you learn how boys don't cry , that behaving like a girl is something to be diminish is even an insult to men. Me as a woman living in a culture like this is kind of hard, because while I was growing up I came by a lots of questions about this topic including a comment that I made to my mom when I was 5 years old since at that age I thought most of the laws where a little bit unfair specially for women I told her that I wanted to become a president in order to change my country's constitution. That's a very impressive way of thinking considering my age at that time but I didn't stop there. Since I was living in Mexico City and I have asma since I was 3 years old, I wasn't able to go a play with other kids my age with out having an asma episode , I end up developing my very own personal idea of how we should play such games as Barbie dolls or the small society that you try to recreate in those games. But who would have know that I was no near the ideas of those girls that I saw from the window. In a very particular day My mom let me out to play the neighborhood girls with my Barbies, so I went there and they have their own perpective of society because their games where about weddings, marriage and shopping. For me I wasn't like that at all , and this is the most representative of the moments that mark me as the weird one and ever since I just prefer to be called weird than be called one of some group, So this is what it happen I asked them what a about a job and their professions ???? They all stopped and look at me as if I where just crazy !!!!! From that moment I was called weird girl by them, but i didn't even matter to me so i just ignore them and apreciatte every time that I went out to see the trees the birds and identify them from what i read and what i saw in the real garden. I guess thats not clear but since I got that incredible gift of being able to be my self and not feeding in a society that wants me to belong to those girls ideas of a so called " life " I was very glad to have asma instead. That story talks so much about how we as girls are educated to educate Machos and create that big gap between being female and male. dont you think so ?

jueves, 7 de junio de 2012

One of the BEST B*Days that I ever had !! :D

The last year was a very peculiar year, and my birthday was no different it was as special as the last year was. Let me introduce you in to it . . . The day before my B*day , was the final of the hockey series of that year and it was celebrated near the placer where I used to work. The local team lost agains a USA team.I know that this fact does not hurt anyone but what about the crazy fans ??? ok this special year these crazy fans where really out of order , lets face it not every year in Canada people go against the law an behave like that !! but this year as I told you it was special. So the crowd gone crazy after the game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VzOUKODdZ4 Since i was working at the time, I saw that craziness on TV I was not scare but . . . perplex about it, I never thought that i could be like that in that country but i was, as soon as my shift ended i went to the bus stop to see if the busses where running but they where not !!! so i walked to my flat that is also in downtown but the thing was that , my flat was very near the stadium. So I took no risk and I went behind a chinese crowd and i got save home. The next day the day of my B*day,I dressed in purple because I was my purple B day, and told everyone that , that was the theme for my B*day that year, Actually a few days before my B*day My boy they where purple and beautiful. So I took my regular way to school, and I realize that the society it actually is different before the riots people who had no interest in cleaning the streets with out any orders or force them to do it , they where doing it just because they know that the city belong to those who live in it all of us at that time, While I was walking I was listing to the songs that I used to love in that time of my live. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PkzsMak6P8&ob=av3e http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ehoJ_QKKqY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXRw-ycyo-I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azBqRLttKGU I got to School like every other day in time.We have planed to go to eat breakfast to a DE DUTCH http://www.dedutch.com/ https://maps.google.com/maps?q=de+dutch&hl=en&ll=49.257286,-123.127236&spn=0.000353,0.000807&sll=49.257017,-123.127372&sspn=0.000703,0.001613&t=h&radius=0.04&hq=de+dutch&z=21&layer=c&cbll=49.257286,-123.127236&panoid=P76qLBLcBxVbnN85f46xJA&cbp=13,85.28,,0,16.2 So my group and my teacher went to have breakfast there, in a rental car drove by a crazy Iranian Driver (just kidding ) we took most of the class to the restaurant and them we went to pick up Carooool (spoke in my very poor portuguese LOL ) and I had a very nice breakfast :D happy moments with my lovely freaks :D So we went back to school, and took our so called regular class, that evening I had a very nice conversation, those kinds of conversations that you have when everything makes sense and new ideas of life change the way you think, and I went home, and call Carol and We drank some beers at my flat , watch some videos and talk to my roomie and watch even more videos they where very funny videos and thats when we became fans of Russel Peters http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qtrAMK7_Qk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoU3lWHCKow&feature=related that was a very fun and special day for me.

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Waking up

So guys , the last few weeks , you might not know about politics or Mexican Politics, that are a little bit weird and dark if i could say that as a mexican. As I told you last year , this years was going to be not an easy year because everything that has been happening for the last decade since the PAN ( a party that started to govern since 2000 with Vicente Fox)started to govern my country. Since the PAN took away the power from the party that was ruling my country for the last 71 years ( PRI ) my country has been a constant fight for the power in the political society. This so called war it has been affecting no other but the poor people and the medium class society, as it sound it has been changing the way the young people think.The acces to information specially in the medium class has been improving for a while and this acces has develop a certain criteria among those who are interested and also those who just want to make fun of our politics , in this case our candidates. So this year the race towards the presidencial seat it has been quite fun, if you see it from the point of view of the social digital media and the way we make fun of the stuff that the regular media says and the way our candidates talk and try at least to express them selves. This social media interaction is not just fun and create a ridiculous image of them or the party that they represent, this funny interacting has created a great awareness. I don´t know if you remember that My teacher in Canada told us that every time he tried to talk about politics with mexicans they refuse or they avoid the subjet. One of the reasons is that in Mexico for a long time the political topic where only about the bad things the government made them or how in mexico the information about this kind of under water stuff was very dark and the media contribute to polarize all the dirty stuff about the politicians. But now FINALLY honestly I thought we will do it before, but finally the young society, the future of Mexico is waking up, is acting for their right for what they want, and I cannot blame those who tried before. There is an historical fact that you might not know, in October 1968 , a manifestation of university students of the Autonomous University of Mexico know as UNAM, end up in tragically, cause with militaries and police officers they tried to quiet the voices of those students and they kill more than 100 students. The worse part was that the news did not cover this news not the local or the national o the international news because a few days later the Olympic games where celebrated here in Mexico. So i guess thats why they tried to stay quiet for a while but now that we are all connected somehow, I guess it will be harder to try to hide from international an local eyes if the decided to do the same thing. Now that the powerful chains of media in Mexico Televisa and TV azteca had been supporting no other that the candidate of PRI ( the party that rule over 71 years) the students of more than one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico had spotted more than one FAIL in their candidate, and more over the average of the people has spotted that too. So The last weeks there has been a great amount of manifestations against the so called CANDIDATE OF TELEVISA because we all think it is benign impose by the media. This movements are APARTIDISTAS ( with out a party supporting them ) and they have gather more that one candidate alone. So I proud of my people who is waking up and I am really happy to be alive when this movement this citizens all of us are fighting to change MEXICO

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2012


When I think about the International Women's day, is no a about congratulating my self for who I am, in fact is more about who wea are as a society and how we guard the achivements of those women that figth for or rigths, and how lately some of us as woman we have been denigrating our selves in this society with out notice.

Our gender has been fighting for equal rights for a long time.In the modern western society, we have the same rights in paper in laws but what about what we do with them how far does it take us having the same rights and obligations.
How much the quality of our lives has been changing with this laws and rights ?

From the way I see it our society has change in the way that now woman are economically independent, we can get as far as we want to get in a company every where, we can do everything as well and sometimes even better than men.

But most of us are slaves, yeah. . . SLAVES the media has been manipulating our minds by creating a false image of HOW SHOULD WE LOOK, WHAT SHOULD WE BUY, and most importantly HOW WE SHOULD INTERACT in a society. Sometimes we let this pervasive ideas took over our minds, even though we are 100% aware of them, there's no excuse but we as humans need certain approval of society to have that sometimes incoherent sense of belonging.

And today this day that has been celebrated since 1914,I propose that instead of saying a mere CONGRATULATIONS we dedicate ourselves to make each day count, make a change every day to make our gender to be proud.

Instead of looking for and answer in a magazine to find that we are never going to get that body , analyze what is healthy and what is obsession and slavery from that mindless mirror.

Instead of buying a trendy outfit buy something that you like or even better get a local tailor to make it for you just the way you like it with out pleasing some other desires that are not yours.

Instead of getting along with people that you don't even like the way they think about you gender or about the way the would like to interact in this society, get along with people how has the same type or ideas as yours in that way you will grow those ideas that you have and make a change for god.

Instead of dancing in a way that you denigrate yourselves causing that men look you only as a sexual object, dance the way you like it even if it seems ridiculous.

Cause people who likes you for you won't care if you are weird, ridiculous or odd , and people who care about that the are not important at all.




lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Job . . . jobless . . .

Since I came back for my dream country, I have been analyzing and some times over-analyzing every event in my life and in the political, economical and ecological life here.
Is not that I'm comparing my country between the one that i like is just that some times I thinks that things would work better if the people ( citizens ) change the our ways instead of complaining the whole time.
Like for example, the job market here is quite limited, and is not because there's no job , of course there's lots of jobs but. . . o h yeah there's a but here , from the way i see it you have this options in the actual job market, and I'm telling you this from my point of view as a professional, with English , french , lots of computer ability, preparation in different fields plus more.
- A job that pays you a considerable amount of money , more-likely and international company that sells certain kind of useless stuff, and in this kind of jobs if you don't sell you don't earn.

- A job that pays you just enough for pay you rent and you transportation to you job , and at the end the cost=benefit of your job will be less than the amount that you re saving or investing to you future or education . And we are setting apart the fact that most of this jobs take the 80 percent of the time that you spend awake , ant the time you spend on transportation is like 10 to 15 percent of that time. And the fact that in order to get this is job you will have to have certain amount of qualifications and degrees to get it is quite impressive to see that here the more you study the less they pay isn't that kind of ironic . . .

= A job doing what you want to do, what you like to do , that will pay you just enough to live with you parents and pay for your transportation and some times for food ( actual food ).

Is not that I would like the perfect job , is just that I been analyzing this situation for a while and I think that somehow we are stock.
Because in order to get a better job you would have to create that opportunity for you self , but how , I think that one of the solutions is to buy local,but If you work for locals since they pay less the ask for more of your time and all you effort with out caring if you have enough for you or your family, and if you dont have enough you buy non local product because they are cheaper and easier to find . . .
is the question remains here , what should we as mexican could do about it in order to create better local job to re activate our economy and grow . . . . what ??????999

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Sense of belonging

For a long time before I went to my abroad adventure, I used to think i had friends , that i could be myself in this hypocrite superficial society that is the town where i used to live , the town where i live now.
But not long ago I realize that being a friend is not even in the same ballpark as having a friend. . .
Sad but true, being a friend , is what i used to do in very special way to every single one of the people that I recognize as my friend in that time !!! , but where they my friends at all ? Where they where the times that i needed a " friend" to talk, a shoulder to cry ??? or a smile to share !!!!
where ?
Now since that moment when i realize that i been colecting my own moments my own stuff and some people who where used to have every single thing from me . . . they are gone out of my life for good.
Maybe now there would be people who does not like the way i am now, but the people whi stays , that the people who matters the most .