jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

What are we?

Are we just a genetic recollection of traces of actions that our ancerters made?
If thats true do we make our own mistakes or we our actions are just a reacction of our genes ?

martes, 23 de agosto de 2011

Things change

Its funny how thing change in a way that was unexpected, adn somehow they make sense.
Today, Started as a usual amount of music to cheer me up and get ready to go to work, it was fine actually it was better that fine,but i was reading my mail and I saw an e-mail that change my perspective of what i though it was a real friendship.
I wont get in to the deatails of this encounter between reality and awful surprises.
This post was a about how thing change, specially in every single one of our relationships and how we grown in variuos and different ways and some time the people around us change in a way that we never tought they will.
It hurts a lot but thats how we learn.

domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Proportions of dreams

What if the proportions of my dreams are different than others. The Picasso proportions in his paintings aren't the same as our perception. Same as the perspective and expectation of my dreams vary from others.
- AbLuTT -
Y que si las proporciones de mi sueños son diferentes a las de los demás, que acaso las proporciones de las pinturas de Picasso son iguales a las que todos vemos, no es esto por que varia su perspectiva a la nuestra.
Así mismo la perspectiva y las expectativas de los sueños de los demás varían a los míos.
- AbLuTT -