sábado, 20 de agosto de 2011


The other day i was walking down the street and i started to think about goals, some of the people that where walking where aware of their goal but what about the people that lack the idea of goals in life what fuels them to keep on walking??

Then I started to think that sometimes so many people walk and run in their lifes with out a personal goal and they only do what is expected , but i couldnt avoid to ask my self why dont they question themselves and realize why are they doing that !!!

Maybe is because is easyer to fullfil the goal that other people trace for them. the expecttations are there you only have to get ther and touch them and you will be considered a real person.

But where the fun is doing that what the goal that they follow is it their goal only to reach the goals that others expected or Am I asking to mucho of myself by tracing my own goals ???

Sense of achievement

Sometime when we bring to the table the subject of sense of achievement people automaticly related to work and carer.
But what about the most important achievement of our lives our legacy, that sometimes is undervalue, just because it cant be mesuare.
I think that one of the most important things that we have to review every year even more everyday.
Because that is what we are going to leave in this world.
But my question is have you ever felt that sense of achievement in you personal live and if it not have you ever felt it in you professional life?

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Green Tea Frapuccino

Today, As anyother day , I went to work and i'll be back to work again in an hour.
Is not that relevant rbut these days i decided that I'll change a lot, because some how I got an external motivation, and I 'll take advantage from it as much as I can.
Thank you :D

lunes, 15 de agosto de 2011


Have the courage to look within ourselves first, instead of blaming others when things go wrong. Have the courage to own up to our mistakes. If we can all do this, life’s problems can be easily resolved. We’ll never find the solution by looking outward all the time. Because nobody is entirely right, and we all add fuels to the fire.

domingo, 14 de agosto de 2011


Today, was a really nice day, first I went to work , then i decided to take a nice cup of coffe at a new place I end up in a nice cofee shop at a hotel near the canada place.
Then I went to the olimpic tortch just to take some pictures.
As soon as i got there i discovered that there was this Festival from india with a little show.
Then I saw BOLLYWOOD under the stars . . . 3 hours and 10 songs later the movie finally ended with everyone dancing and singing LOL
Then i went to my buss stop in front of the cathedral and when i was waiting for the bus i heard a realyl nice sound coming from the cathedral so i went closer there was this man in the stairs playing with his violin a vivaldi piece.

Then i when i was going back to the buss stop i saw and AD that said:
"A relationship that's not only building for you , It's growing with you , there's no other way but up "

Maybe is a sign . . . but ill figured out later for now . . .