viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Man's word

When I was 8 years old,that summer i spend it at my aunt at this green place located in the central part of Mexico.
At that place i couldnt go out and pay with the rest of the kids, because is wet as Vancouver, and I have a strong allergy to humidity.Given that those days that I went outside I spend them wathing flowers ,lady bugs and some time catching fireflies in the early nigth.
One of those days I went so happy that I found this little tinny buches of flowers full with colors , I remember that they also smell really nice too, so I ask my aunt about the name of those little beautiful and amazing flowers, and she told me something that I came to understand completly a few years ago.
The name of he flower as my aunty say , because I really dont know if thats the real name, was and still is at least for me MAN'S WORD.
You see the point is that they are really beautiful, but since they are bunches of little flower once you cut them from the little bush,They fall apart.
Yeah sounds really familiar because once you belive in the word of a man ( once you cut them) they fall apart.
Isnt that sad.
I wish I could find a picture of those little flowers I wont promise anything but at least ill try.

Lantana camara

Arbusto de baja altura, con ramas cuadrangulares, pilosas. Follaje perenne formado por hojas aovadas, acuminadas, de superficie rugosa. Flores pequeñas, dispuestas en capítulos abundantes desde la primavera hasta el otoño. Especie sensible a las heladas. Se cultivan distintas variedades de acuerdo al color de su floración.

miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Does your path have a heart?

"Anything, anything you do is one of a million paths.
Therefore you should always keep in mind that a path is only a path.
If you feel you should not follow it you must not stay with it under any conditions.
To have such clarity you must lead a disciplined life.
Only then will you know that any path is only a path
and there is no affront to oneself or to others in dropping it, if that is what your heart tells you to do.
But your decision to keep on the path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition.
I warn you. Look at every path closely and deliberately.
Try it as many times as you think necessary.
Then ask yourself and yourself alone, one question.
This is one question that only a very old person eventualy asks.
And my benefactor told me about it once when I was so young and my blood was so vigorous for me to understand it. But now I understand it, and I'll tell you what it is:
Does this path have a heart?
All paths are the same, they lead nowhere.
They are paths going through the bush or into the bush.
In my own life I could say I have traversed long long paths but I am not anywhere.
And my benefactor's question has a meaning now:
Does this path have a heart?
If it does the path is good,if it does not it is of no use.
Both paths lead nowhere but one has a heart and the other does not.
One makes for a joyful journey and as long as you follow it you are one with it.
The other will make you curse your life. One makes you strong, the other weakens you.
The trouble is that nobody asks the question.
And when a man finally realizes that he has taken a path without a heart the path is ready to kill him.
At that point very few people can stop to deliberate and leave the path.
A path without a heart is never enjoyable.
You have to work hard even to take it.
On the other hand, a path with a heart is easy.
It just does not make you work at liking it.
For me there is only traveling on the paths that have a heart, or any path that may have a heart.
So there I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length.
And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly!"

by Carlos Castaneda.

martes, 19 de julio de 2011


I Love SALES i can not deny that, i love the way the MKT people handle to make people belive that they are buying for less than the regular price.
I not only about manipulating people to buy like a desperate, id the way the do it.
Well today, I was thinking about SALES.
Whats a SALE ?
According to Merrim Webster a SALE is:

SALE noun \ˈsāl\

1: the act of selling; specifically : the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one person to another for a price
2a : opportunity of selling or being sold : demand

But about SALES in a matter of people, and Im not talkinga bout slaves or so, The only thing that Im saying is that this way of manipulation of the stuff that we buy could be apply in the way that our lifes has been developing this days.
What Im saying is that sometimes we SALE ourselves to the wrong or the trenddy ideas.
Should we think about the trends that we follow a little more ?
If that true , whats your price , what triggers your trends ???

lunes, 18 de julio de 2011


Today I was looking for a place to hide from me but i couldnt find it :S
As crazy as it sounds people tend to hide from themselves , A few weeks ago before I graduate from school , at class we where talking about how people scape from there reality, and it does not matter how amazing the work or life is the scaping happens because a reason.
I firmly belive that , this reason is the hidding from themselves , but why would we wanted to scape from ourselves ?
If you think about it , the way our life developes depends only on our crazy, radical, instant, deeply thought desitions,but why if we dont like where we are?
We stay , and sometimes we scape. . .

domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

No theme

Today I have no theme at all, Im just a little frustrated