martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Madurar (1)

Últimamente he desarrollado la extraña habilidad de desconectarme cuando estoy trabajando para pensar en otras cosas mientras lo hago, Hoy estuve pensado sobre lo que en verdad significa hoy y desde mi punto de vista madurar y no puedo decir mucho sobre que es lo que es madurar pero si sobre lo que no es:
- Ganar dinero
- Casarse ( sobre todo si esta boda es algo forzado o algo que para cumplir con un requisito social al que has decidido atarte VOLUNTARIAMENTE)
- Ser padre, ser padre no es ser maduro, sobre todo si no es por elección
- Tener cosas sobre todo si estas cosas también son parte de ese requisito de sociedad
- Tener muchos estudios Sobre todo si estos estudios no sirven de nada para tu persona y solo para hacer mas dinero
- Dejarse llevar por la corriente
- Tomarse la vida super en serio

- Lo que se decide
- Lo que no se decide
- Lo que se deja atras por un sueño
- Lo que se pierde cuando no se decide con la cabeza fria
- Las acciones tomadas cada una de ellas



En los antiguos tiempos oir voces cuando uno estaba solo era considerado una locura, sobre todo cuando se comentaba con otras personas.
Ahora es algo mas que normal y no hablo de las personas que escuchas voces solo por que si hablo de todos nosotros, como?'
Muchas veces cuando estamos solo escuchamos voces , claro por telefono jeje, no esu n alivio a la soledad que sentimos cuando estamos lejos de casa , por que cuando uno cuelga el telefono.
La misma soledad de la que eramos victimas anterior a la llamada regresa de una manera mas cruel y fria que se siente al despegar el audicular de nuestros oidos o al botar ese pequeño trozo de circuitos llamado blue tooth.
Bueno la locura puede que no sea por el simple hecho de escuchar las voces aquellas que interrumpen la peculiaridad de nuestro dia con noticias buenas o malas o solo para escuchar voces familares que despejan ese sentimiento que se tenia guardado desde hace rato y que al oir el dulce sonido de esa voz.
Sea para lo que sea el reconfortante telefono nos aleja o nos acerca mas a nuestras personas queridas.
Comento esto debido a que el otro dia tube yo como mesera mas conversacion con los integrantes de una familia en una mesa que ellos entre si puesto a que cada uno de ellos tenian su propio smartphone y no cruzaron palabra....
sera que al tratar de acecarnos mas a los demas perdemos contacto con los mas cercanos.
Esto forma parte mas de una paradoja de comunicacion que trato de analizar mientras estoy lejos o sera cerca ???


Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted
but getting what you have.

A VAN day . . .

I had been here in VAn for more than 130 days, but I love every single day, how they start how the end, and how sometimes you cannot distinguish betweeen one an the other !.
But today I really spend some time analizaing how thisday has been developing.
Every day I wakeup and I already have ligth I know is not the sun shine perse, but is ligth, then the first thing that i smell at the main exit of the building is a little essence of chinesse tea, then all the folkore of the people in the street of my dear nd stinky china town.
I walk down hill to the buss stop under that big elm tree and i sit and see how people walk to who knows where with the rare faces and the mental notes , and sometimes not that mental and more self spoken notes.
then my bus comes. . . .

domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Who I ??

Sometimes when people ask me about wHO I admire, relating to history I used to have no answer but now I do.
Is not only because shes in every 200 pesos bill, is because her story and her knowledge is fascinating.

Arraignment Of The Men

Males perverse, schooled to condemn
Women by your witless laws,
Though forsooth you are prime cause
Of that which you blame in them:

If with unexampled care
You solicit their disdain,
Will your fair words ease their pain,
When you ruthless set the snare?

Their resistance you impugn,
Then maintain with gravity
That it was mere levity
Made you dare to importune.

What more elevating sight
Than of man with logic crass,
Who with hot breath fogs the glass,
Then laments it is not bright!

Scorn and favor, favor, scorn,
What you will, result the same,
Treat you ill, and earn your blame,
Love you well, be left forlorn.

Scant regard will she possess
Who with caution wends her way,—
Is held thankless for her “nay,”
And as wanton for her “yes.”

What must be the rare caprice
Of the quarry you engage:
If she flees, she wakes your rage,
If she yields, her charms surcease.

Who shall bear the heavier blame,
When remorse the twain enthralls,
She, who for the asking, falls,
He who, asking, brings to shame?

Whose the guilt, where to begin,
Though both yield to passion's sway,
She who weakly sins for pay,
He who, strong, yet pays for Sin?

Then why stare ye, if we prove
That the guilt lies at your gate?
Either love those you create,
Or create those you can love.

To solicitation truce,—
Then, sire, with some show of right
You may mock the hapless plight
Or the creatures of your use!

I'll leave you with the link to her biography:


As you know for the next 8 days including today, I wont get in to facebook, the reason for this to happen is because I really want something , ans as they say to get something you want you have to make sacrificies , and this is one that im offering in order to get that thing that i want !!!

So given that i cant logg into my facebook ill be abusing his blogg just to express myself :D


I was walking aroud the other day, when I started to think about how many times when you are in youre comford zone, the way you dress, talk,express, move and walk change in a way that some how you see youre self blending in the social enviroment.
Is this because we want to belong to this social organism or is just because that the way human beings are design.
The idea of having to blend yourself in the society sourranding you is a little bit scary if you think about it.
Because that means that your losing a part of your self just to fit.
But what could we do to avoid losing our selfs , This is not a selff experience, this is what i recall watching people do to save them self from a sociey belndig.
* Dance the way you want when everybody else is drunk , in that way they wont remember.
* Singing the nasty or the most anoying songs that you like , when youre alone at your house
* Walk in funny unique ways when you fell happy
* Laugth , scream , cry , jump
* Write emails to yourself with the critics of the people around.
Anymore ideas ? ? ? ?

Doll Time

When I was a little girl i wasnt exposed to a new age reality of media. It was the lately 80's and the begging og the 90's .
Back then I wasnt aware of how important it is to own a Barbie doll and dont get me wrong i had one , actually I had several of them is just that i didn't know how to play with them at all.
When I was 8 i moved to Mexico City, what a change , but since i got asma , i couldnt go out and play little a so called normal girl.
The first time that I went out to play with my neighbors, It was a revealing experience, I had been watching from my window how they played and how they borrow stuff, so i assume that the game was reallly interesting and nice.
That day I went to play with my dolls, I remember they where beautiful almost new, since I didnt pay with them at all, Then I realize that the game was a little bit boring because they where emulating REAL life as they see it , getting married , having boy friends , compiting with each other to see who had the most expencive and new doll.
I was really shock about that I thougththe game was about gaming using every little part of our imagination and not trying that hard to be like the so called best one.
I remember telling my mom that day , mom why they try to not be them selves, why are they trying so hard to be all the same ??
OMG when I look backwards I think that a really important issue that keeps on standing out in every single aspect of my life.