jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Getting lost

One thing that I really love about getting lost even if sometimes is scary, i love to find my way back home, or back to a safe place.

miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Waiting . . .

Wait ! ! !
How could we wait the unexpected. . . or even the thing we expect to happen.
Always be ready is one of the things that they teach you at the scout boys, but how could you always be ready for thing in life . . . i guess you never are and even is youre ready for them WHEN are they going to happen . . ., maybe sometimes is better that they dont happen at all.

Fear . . .

Fear is one of the topics that I'll keep on repeating over and over again in this blog or my personal notes at home.
But I kept on learning about it every day.
So here it goes, fear, as once yoda said
" Fear is to Angry , Angry is to hate, Hate is to suffering"
Even though is just a movie it has something that got my attention in that little quote, and that is that the root of every sinlge human problem, well thats what i think at least.
Let me explain fear of not being what you eant or not having what you want leads you to behave in a different and even wierd or scary.
I think tha mos scary part about being afraid is that sometimes, (most of the times) the think that you fear the most is YOUSELF.
I resently discover that I really fear comitment in a very terrrible way. . .


Sometimes news come in a very strange way,and it doesnt matter if their good or bad, and the end i think they just got to you ears when you need them.
Lately i have been a little more quiet thani usualy am, is not because i'm depress or sad is just because i have cicles when i just want to think and write or draw, but as you see and read this time is writting.
Welltoday i got the best news ever , one of the best ones and Im really happy about it, i wont tell you what it is because thats not the topic here.
News , how to be ready . . . or how could you prepare you self for being the creator of those news by asking about them.

5 TOP features of a Peter Pan Man

Recently I read a book about Peter Pan Syndrom And I really belive that is every where in every guy, in different levels but still so i'll leave you with the main characteristics:

1) Sustain a higher grade of affection needs
2) Has a excess of egocentrism and narcissism
3) Has a lack of resistence towards frustration
4) Develop a little capacity of self-criticism
5) Has difficulties to acept simetric relationships with the opposite sex.

So watch out !

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011

Ephemeral . . .



Lonliness . . .

The other day i was walking to my house at nigth , when i started to think about loneliness, is it a state of mind or is more about where are you and how that makes you feel?