miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Waste of freedom

Today, I was reading an article that a friend of mine posted about human trafficking around the world.
That got me thinking about how people in general waste their freedom , by trying too hard to get rid of the idea of a real world, an scape from their reallity just because they think they can't handle it.
Instead of trying to create a better reallity for themselfs and helping these people to improve a reallity that seeems like a living hell.

Sometimes people never got the change in a life time to see the world the way we see it, like in the pic that i have posted at the begging of this post.
And sometimes people take it for granted, I know is really sad, even depresing.
I used to complain about the so called LUCKY PEOPLE with the pre program life, and how easy it is to make a living with their parents sevings for them, but I never thougth that from the point of view of the people who is being trafic around the world I'M A LUCKY ONE dont you think ?


martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Sometimes, is a riot normal? (1)

A week ago I had this homework to read and analyze this article that appear at the georgia straigth, eventhougt Im not at school anymore, I decided to do it.
It took me along time to read it because I really like reading on paper, and latetly I had been really lazy, but today I got it and I finally read it all !! :D
So this is what i think,
regardess of the riots being fans or not I really think that the core of this "activities" is tha educational system lacking that spotlight that it needs to become something more boundable, because if yo think about it the MEDIA has been taking a main roll educating the RIOT GENERATION.
I not about the thing that are useful for the work and stuff is more what they learn about social behavor.
and I'll quote CARL JUNG
" The persona for example, is an archetype that represents the social personality of someone. It is a mask we use when we face the outside world, while the shadow is an archetype that represents the wild unknown region of the human psyche, and must be transformed into human."
. . .


i was reading one of my favorite bloggs, when I found this quote . . .
And that gotme thinking about how much a person will sacrifice for others peoples belifes, and that i have been doing it for a while, but I think when you realize about it is time to change it.
I know I kept on talking ( writing about) change, is not that is hard form to doit well is as hard as you wanted to be, but now I THINK IS TIME to do it and IM READY SO BRING IT ON !!!

When you feel alone waiting . . .

So often in life you feel like you're alone on an island , whether it´s because you can't bring yourself to make an important decision, or because you're waiting for an answer, or simply because you know a secret you wish you didn't.


Today I was listeing to my favorite radio program http://www.thepositivemind.com, Then I heard this Quote " PEOPLE PICK , THE WRONG PERSON FOR THE RIGTH THINGS , AND THE RIGTH PERSON FOR THE WORNG THINGS"
And I started to think more about the human relations in general because, is a mater of choices and responsability and at the end people regret choices and avoid responsability , what if the clue of being happy lies in RESPONSABILITY.

carry vs learning

For a while I had been trying to feel the way that I feel rigth now but I couldn`t maybe because of my troubled life, but do I carry around of my baggage?
I really think that is not a baggage as long as you learn what you have to learn from it.
Because if you think about it, every single experiencein our life, is very very important to our personal development specialy if we have to really learn from it.
Is not that we find a big resolution to every one of our trouble, is just that we have sustain ourself from what we have been living rather that carried around with it . . .

lunes, 27 de junio de 2011

La fuerza de mi expresion mas alla de ser escrita creo que es visual

Desde pequeña, tratando de encontrar maneras mas elocuentes de expresarme he tenido problemas por la falta de palabras para decir exactamente lo que quiero decir, mas sin embargo mis ganas de aprender a expresarme de la manera correcta, me han llevado a generar esta habilidad de ser autodidacta.
La cual me ha llevado a aprender mas sobre el lenguaje de lo que yo esperaba y por ende he aprendido mas sobre muchas cosas, mas sin embargo todo esto tiene si lado negativo, pero por que tiene que tener un lado negativo el aprender ustedes se preguntaran. . .
Bueno no es tanto como negativo, es algo que me genera un tipo de impedimento social, no es que crea que todas las personas saben lo que se, es cierto muchas no lo saben, y me miran como si yo fuese un bicho muy raro al que no le gustan las palabras comunes.
Es solo le hecho de decir ENOJADO en lugar de FRUSTRADO es una diferencia muy clara con respecto a lo que ocasiono ese sentimiento en ese justo momento.
Es como si trataran de simplificar tanto lo que se siente que es como si dijeran que la pintura solo son colores. . .
Este llama do por mi impedimento, y lo llamo así por que me ha generado problemas de comunicación efectiva atravez de los años y de verdad no es algo que me afecte a mi es una molestia que les genera mi personalidad a las personas que me rodean, en especial mis parejas, sobre todo aquellas que no tiene un vocabulario adecuado , y para nada estoy implicando que sean tontos o ignorantes o nada por el estilo, lo único que pasa es que no conocen ya sea por que no se les enseño o por que tienen una barrera social al expresar sus sentimiento de la manera adecuada.
Bueno debido a esto me he rodeado de gente cuyo vocabulario y manera de expresar se es totalmente diferente a la de los demás, es un tanto mas completa y exacta.
Un grupo de personas incluyendo a mi familia que tratan de mejorar sus expresiones de enojo y afecto para con los demas.

Wine tasting ----- serving

For the past years I have been tasting different kinds of wines , and I really love wine but this time I really have to learn the most basic about the serving.
You see I love the tasting but what about the serving !! Well it seems that i have a new challenge in my live !!! yes !!!! I REALLY LOVE TO LEARN STUFF CAN YOU TELL?


I started this post like a week or more ago but I haven been able to finished in the rigth way, because I was digesting it.
Here it goes, not too long ago time periods was defined by a friend of mine, as misions of a video game, like GTA, I think the extapolationg of this idea, is not that crazy at the end, because you see some times lives tries to put you down as the game gets a little bit difficult but if you search really hard, you find you way to get thuogt the mision, but what if you want to change the game.
Like i did when I decided to come to this amazing journey to Canada, what if . . .
Given that We only live once I say do it WHY NOT !! do you think?

domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

How to lose your free and wild soul

This post is dedicated to a person that I'll always consider my friend because I used to admired him so much even thougth now He has lost that spirit I know that somewhere inside he stills have it. FLP
Usually I dont post dedicational post like this , but today , I fell like it.
I really grateful for what I learn when he was aroud, but what makes me really sad is that HE CHOSE TO CHANGE HIS LIFE WITH MONEY AND IN THAT PATH HE LOST HIS SOUL
And the core of the problem is not that he change, is that he try to do it with money he took the esasy way. . .
And Know when I see him wiht that empty smile and funny sad faces that he does i can only think about the pictures of that old drunk or sad clowns that i used to be afraid of when i was a little girl.
But i still admire him beacuse he stills try to change and run away from the dark side of the force.
So thanks you for every thing.