viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Man's word

When I was 8 years old,that summer i spend it at my aunt at this green place located in the central part of Mexico.
At that place i couldnt go out and pay with the rest of the kids, because is wet as Vancouver, and I have a strong allergy to humidity.Given that those days that I went outside I spend them wathing flowers ,lady bugs and some time catching fireflies in the early nigth.
One of those days I went so happy that I found this little tinny buches of flowers full with colors , I remember that they also smell really nice too, so I ask my aunt about the name of those little beautiful and amazing flowers, and she told me something that I came to understand completly a few years ago.
The name of he flower as my aunty say , because I really dont know if thats the real name, was and still is at least for me MAN'S WORD.
You see the point is that they are really beautiful, but since they are bunches of little flower once you cut them from the little bush,They fall apart.
Yeah sounds really familiar because once you belive in the word of a man ( once you cut them) they fall apart.
Isnt that sad.
I wish I could find a picture of those little flowers I wont promise anything but at least ill try.

Lantana camara

Arbusto de baja altura, con ramas cuadrangulares, pilosas. Follaje perenne formado por hojas aovadas, acuminadas, de superficie rugosa. Flores pequeñas, dispuestas en capítulos abundantes desde la primavera hasta el otoño. Especie sensible a las heladas. Se cultivan distintas variedades de acuerdo al color de su floración.

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