miércoles, 6 de julio de 2011

Fear . . .

Fear is one of the topics that I'll keep on repeating over and over again in this blog or my personal notes at home.
But I kept on learning about it every day.
So here it goes, fear, as once yoda said
" Fear is to Angry , Angry is to hate, Hate is to suffering"
Even though is just a movie it has something that got my attention in that little quote, and that is that the root of every sinlge human problem, well thats what i think at least.
Let me explain fear of not being what you eant or not having what you want leads you to behave in a different and even wierd or scary.
I think tha mos scary part about being afraid is that sometimes, (most of the times) the think that you fear the most is YOUSELF.
I resently discover that I really fear comitment in a very terrrible way. . .

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