domingo, 10 de julio de 2011

Doll Time

When I was a little girl i wasnt exposed to a new age reality of media. It was the lately 80's and the begging og the 90's .
Back then I wasnt aware of how important it is to own a Barbie doll and dont get me wrong i had one , actually I had several of them is just that i didn't know how to play with them at all.
When I was 8 i moved to Mexico City, what a change , but since i got asma , i couldnt go out and play little a so called normal girl.
The first time that I went out to play with my neighbors, It was a revealing experience, I had been watching from my window how they played and how they borrow stuff, so i assume that the game was reallly interesting and nice.
That day I went to play with my dolls, I remember they where beautiful almost new, since I didnt pay with them at all, Then I realize that the game was a little bit boring because they where emulating REAL life as they see it , getting married , having boy friends , compiting with each other to see who had the most expencive and new doll.
I was really shock about that I thougththe game was about gaming using every little part of our imagination and not trying that hard to be like the so called best one.
I remember telling my mom that day , mom why they try to not be them selves, why are they trying so hard to be all the same ??
OMG when I look backwards I think that a really important issue that keeps on standing out in every single aspect of my life.

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