martes, 28 de junio de 2011

Sometimes, is a riot normal? (1)

A week ago I had this homework to read and analyze this article that appear at the georgia straigth, eventhougt Im not at school anymore, I decided to do it.
It took me along time to read it because I really like reading on paper, and latetly I had been really lazy, but today I got it and I finally read it all !! :D
So this is what i think,
regardess of the riots being fans or not I really think that the core of this "activities" is tha educational system lacking that spotlight that it needs to become something more boundable, because if yo think about it the MEDIA has been taking a main roll educating the RIOT GENERATION.
I not about the thing that are useful for the work and stuff is more what they learn about social behavor.
and I'll quote CARL JUNG
" The persona for example, is an archetype that represents the social personality of someone. It is a mask we use when we face the outside world, while the shadow is an archetype that represents the wild unknown region of the human psyche, and must be transformed into human."
. . .

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