domingo, 26 de junio de 2011

How to lose your free and wild soul

This post is dedicated to a person that I'll always consider my friend because I used to admired him so much even thougth now He has lost that spirit I know that somewhere inside he stills have it. FLP
Usually I dont post dedicational post like this , but today , I fell like it.
I really grateful for what I learn when he was aroud, but what makes me really sad is that HE CHOSE TO CHANGE HIS LIFE WITH MONEY AND IN THAT PATH HE LOST HIS SOUL
And the core of the problem is not that he change, is that he try to do it with money he took the esasy way. . .
And Know when I see him wiht that empty smile and funny sad faces that he does i can only think about the pictures of that old drunk or sad clowns that i used to be afraid of when i was a little girl.
But i still admire him beacuse he stills try to change and run away from the dark side of the force.
So thanks you for every thing.

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